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Document Redaction privacy software is needed to protect people’s personal data in order to comply with strict EU GDPR privacy compliance. Facit’s document redaction software provides a simple and cost-effective way to reliably mask sensitive information so that it is hidden from unauthorised view and prevented from entering the public domain. Document Redaction software irreversibly hides private information in just four easy steps.

Document Redaction Privacy Protection

Document Redaction privacy software is used to hide information in documents from unauthorised in-house readers, and to protect the data privacy rights of individuals when documents are shared externally.

There are many instances when an individual will need access to information contained in a document, but some information in the document is too sensitive for unapproved people to see.

On one hand, organisations are obliged to govern access to internally-held information, and on the other, legislation such as EU GDPR imposes strict rules on how personal data can be shared and highlights the requirement for reliable masking solutions. This is where Document Redaction Software will be able to help.

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