Counting on the edge for accurate real-time results on ACAP. Facit’s Smart Count people counter software just got smarter on AXIS cameras.

Facit’s Smart Count software runs directly on Axis cameras. After extensive research, the latest version of Smart Count enables a perspective-view of people and object counting on the edge using the Axis 3255 camera on the Axis camera application platform (ACAP). In today’s commercial environments people counting and footfall analysis are vital for resource planning, optimisation, analysis and forecasting. In 2022, occupancy also plays a significant role in health and safety matters as social distancing guidelines make building occupancy subject to restrictions.
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Count people and objects for business intelligence
Facit's Smart Count can now run directly on Axis cameras.
Easily connect cameras and view counting results graphically via Smart Reporting
Camera People Counting
Facit Smart Count

People counting is vital for resource planning, optimisation, analysis and forecasting

Edge counting boom. According to ‘Markets and Markets’, the global people counting market will grow to $1.3 Billion by 2025.
Edge counting: a strategic trend. ‘Grand View Research’ predict edge computing will have a global annual growth rate of 38.4% from 2021 to 2028.
Knowing how many people come and go and dwell times plays a big part in the success and/or safety of venues, stores, public spaces and transport hubs..

Why the edge?

The edge is processing hardware that's close to or at the source of the data capture instead of far away. Fast, accurate, lower costs.

The many advantages of an edge set-up include hardware cost savings, fast data transfer speeds, increased data security and data protection compliance from on-premises operations vs the cloud.

Smart Count Features:

Position, extend & resize the crossing line.
Counts people in and people out to determine occupancy.
Schedule when counting takes place.
Automatic detection works both outside and inside, at short and long range and in different light conditions.
Smart Reporting charts & graphs to present the people counting data
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Facit's Smart Count on Axis Cameras:

Easy & fast set up

The architecture of the cameras and Facit's software enables easy set up and connection to multiple cameras. Save time, increase efficiencies.

View results across PC, tablet, phone

The cameras do the processing for the people counting and a PC, tablet or phone is just needed to see the results via a url.

No additional hardware costs

No need to buy additional hardware. The architecture of the cameras and Facit’s software means cameras can connect over the network and Facit’s Smart Count and Smart Reporting is able to run on the cameras themselves.


Facit's Smart Count software enables very accurate people counting even on a perspective view with people far away.

Business Intelligence

Gain valuable insight into how marketing affects visitor numbers, seasonal changes, capacity, safety, security, sales forecasts or staff scheduling.

Connect cameras across locations

Cameras across multiple separate store locations can also be configured to collect data and feed it to a central computer for data aggregation and reporting across multiple locations.

API Integration

API integration is also possible with Facit's Smart Count software.


With processing on the cameras it means increased network security and easier data protection compliance from on-premises vs the cloud.

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