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Live video redaction software has become an urgent requirement. From local authority control rooms to body-worn cameras worn by emergency services, systems intended to capture CCTV footage for immediacy and agile response times – largely to protect the public – are causing headaches when it comes to sharing footage or when Subject Access Requests (SARs) are made. Real-time redaction software removes the risks and the very high costs associated with the processing of video footage.

Identity Cloak ‘Live’ makes GDPR privacy compliance simple and cost-effective, and enables agencies to act ‘in time’ on the information contained. Redact live CCTV footage reliably and quickly.

Live video redaction software Identity Cloak “Live” is Facit’s latest video redaction compliance product. Its development has been driven by clients who need to show or share video footage in real time, ‘on the fly’. Live video redaction with Identity Cloak ‘Live’ reliably redacts identifying features in real-time to ensure compliance with strict privacy regulations. With live video redaction it is easier to share video footage while events are current so that action can be taken immediately, rather than having to wait for processing that lead to delays that prevent meaningful intervention. Live video redaction that is as accurate and reliable as Identity Cloak ‘Live’ means that your organisation does not have to worry about human redaction errors or technology glitches that can lead to breaches of GDPR, fines and loss of reputation.

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